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Getting Help with Retirement Planning in Chula Vista

The biggest concern for many individuals is not having enough retirement income to get through their “golden years”, provide a legacy for their family and protect against unexpected challenges. Do yourself and the people that matter to you a big favor, start your financial planning early, get professional advice, make sensible decisions for yourself and your family, and use all of your resources to maximize your future.

Retirement planning includes all the steps in financial planning. We treat it separately because this is where we determine what your retirement looks like. As we transition from the accumulation phase of your life to the distribution phase it is important we do so with a comprehensive plan. We provide a detailed analysis to determine if your financial assets will last for the rest of your life.

IRA and Retirement Planner in Chula Vista

Crafting a sound retirement plan is something that will take time, effort, and careful planning. We begin by understanding your needs, goals, and dreams. We create a working model of your current plan that includes your income sources, investments, insurance, and estate planning documents. Together, we will work on your retirement plan to ensure your needs, goals, and dreams are addressed.

Our retirement services include (but are not limited to):

  • Assess your current financial health, including assets and liabilities to determine an overall value for your estate
  • Create a budget that works toward your retirement goals
  • Calculate a tax-efficient way to extract funds from your 401K, IRA, Roth IRA, and other retirement plans, for example, lump-sum or installments over a certain period of years.
  • Figure out which retirement plan works for you and your family, how much you may need to contribute now to potentially have enough cash to live comfortably during your golden years
  • Review your individual Social Security account to determine when to begin taking your Social Security benefits
  • Determine whether you (or your small business) qualifies for a tax credit for contributing to an IRA
  • Develop a comprehensive retirement plan, keeping in mind that it is likely to change over the years as your life changes

This process should give the financial confidence knowing where your income in retirement may be coming from. Contact us via our email form or call us at (619) 656-0285 to schedule a time to review your financial conditions and the potential role of insurance or investments in your financial strategy.

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